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Choose from a wide selection of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses & contact lenses.
Eye Wear
From super Designer glasses to smart frames, we have a wide range of spectacles & sun glasses for you.
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Sight & Eye Tests
Eye tests are essential for good health & regular eye examinations make for better & clearer vision.
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Contact Lenses
Contacts give you freedom from wearing glasses, are ideal for sports & you don't have to worry about losing your glasses!
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Helping people who experience visual stress & problems when processing written information. Call us for more info.
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Prescription Sports Eye Wear

If you are into sports, keeping your eye on the ball is essential. Many sports require specific types of eye wear that fit well and stay in place and high impact sports require shatterproof lenses. Coe Costa and Moore can offer a range of sports eye wear created just for you.

Swimming Goggles

Prescription swimming goggles can be made to your exact prescription. If you are a keen swimmer, prescription swimming goggles are a must if you truly wish to enjoy your swimming experience. Contact us today for more information.

Shooting Glasses

If you consider yourself a marksman or just partial to shooting, you’ll know how important safety is especially where guns and rifles are involved. The sport requires skill, control, and above all, excellent vision. We supply a range of prescription shooting glasses and sunglasses to suit the enthusiastic amateur or expert, featuring high impact Polycarbonate lenses to cope with weapon recoil and ejecting shells. Contact us today for more information.

Snooker Glasses

Any sport which involves a head down position means your normal line of sight is altered. Prescription glasses made for snooker or pool have rimless frames and extra deep lenses. These glasses are also suitable for bowling.

Diving Masks

If you're strugging to read your dive computer or your gauges look fuzzy then perhaps it time to invest in a prescription diving mask. One of our Opticians is a keen diver and uses a prescription diving mask herself so you can be sure of our expert knowledge. We can provide prescription lenses for masks for scuba diving or snorkelling. For divers we can bond lenses with your distance prescription, or combine that with your reading prescription lenses lower down for reading your gauges and equipment. This is a bespoke service and we treat each individual’s requirements accordingly. Please call in or phone for details.

3D Glasses

If you are a film buff and you don't want to use cumbersome over-glasses then we can make prescription 3D Glasses which will suit most television and cinema uses (except IMAX cinema). The 3D lenses can be fitted in to almost any frame type or size and made to your personal prescription.

Other sports

Many sports require eye protection in the form of prescription glasses or sunglasses. High impact sports such as running, cricket, cycling, sailing, squash, rowing, skiing, skateboarding, climbing, and equestrian can all require specialist eye wear. Contact us today for more information.