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Helping people who experience visual stress & problems when processing written information. Call us for more info.
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We were asked by Cerium Visual Technologies if we, and some of our patients, would be willing to help make a video about the effects colorimetry lenses have had on peoples lives. After lots of emails and swopping of dates and times, the camerman arrived with his lights, boom, microphones and cameras. Our willing fim stars arrived and it was ACTION. 

For anyone who suffers with Dyslexia,Dyspraxia or Meares Irlen Syndrome ( Visual Stress ), acknowledging it can be painful,so to share their experiences with hunderds of others is a big ask. We were very fortunate to have three willing volunteers, and their stories were truly inspiring and at times very emotional. The final video should be made available to us so we can put it on our website so people who might be feeling isolated or worried by their struggle to learn can hopefully take encouragement from it.