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Helping people who experience visual stress & problems when processing written information. Call us for more info.
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These are procedures to help people who suffer from different forms of visual stress and problems when processing written information. They include; Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Meares Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Senstivity), Aspergers Syndrome and Migraine. There are two different tests, the overlay assessement and prescribing of coloured acetate sheets, or the colorimetry test for coloured spectacles lenses. We do not diagnose any of the above mentioned conditions but willingly conduct the tests on the understanding that they may benefit people who suffer from them.

The overlay assessment is a useful indicator for younger children who may find the decision making of colorimetry confusing initially. It gives them a chance to experience the benefits of colour without the bigger financial commitment of coloured spectacles.

It takes about one hour for the assessment and the NHS will make no contribution towards the costs of this procedure.

We only run these clinics at certain times and request that everyone attending for this has had a sight test within the last year.

Colorimetry Spectacles

The colorimetry test is to determine, which colour, if any would be beneficial for the client. It is a private procedure and takes about an hour. Following the testing we can supply a pair of spectacles with the precision tint in about 3-4 weeks. Since each tint is specific to each individual they all have to be tinted separately which is why they take this long. This procedure is helpful to anyone. However we do find that the youngest age for successful testing is 7 years old. Below that children often find it difficult to make the right choices for them and to verbalise what they are seeing. We have had some remarkable results over the last couple of decades. Melanie, who does the testing, is a Dispensing Optician and a Fellow of the International Instutue of Colorimetry. ( FoIIC )


For further information take a look on the website of the tinting company on: , and look under the section Vistech.